Clearing the Cache: Demystifying and Destigmatizing the Consumption of Pornography in Contemporary Relationships

Clearing the Cache: Demystifying and Destigmatizing the Consumption of Pornography in Contemporary Relationships (Crail B)

Traci Medeiros-Bagan, LMFT- Anaheim, CA, and Kristel Penn, BA – Los Angeles, CA

 There is a lot of work done around the problematic nature of pornography: how it represents our sexuality, what the acceptable amount (if any) it’s okay to consume, and the politics of the industry itself. Even the most sex positive of individuals, couples, and providers may find themselves a bit shy when it comes to our own personal browser histories. Still, the numbers remain the same. The industry continues to boom. There is a lot of porn being watched and not always by the demographic you might think. So why is there so much shame around it? If we’re all doing it, why can’t we talk about it? Is it possible that breaking the silence around the consumption of commodified sexuality might also shed some light on our most private pieces of identities and relationships?

-Start the discussion around destigmatizing and demystifying our culture’s consumption of pornography.

-Create a basis for the consideration that there are ways the consumption of pornography may have value and empowerment properties for the individual and the relationship.

-Give some recommendations on how to open up communication about what we are drawn to, why, and how it can increase intimacy and self-awareness.

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